The Joy of Feasting
The Joy of Feasting
Dinner Isn't The Only Thing Being Served
Dinner isn’t the only thing being served

 What good is finding the joy in cooking if it's not followed by the joy of the feast itself ? After slaving away in the kitchen, our hard work is rewarded with great meals, good company and excellent conversations. The perfect accompaniment to every meal.

The Joy of Feasting isn't just a cooking show, it's an eating show too. I design menus to compliment every topic under the sun.  The Joy of Feasting team consisting of Kate Valentine , Vishnu Hoff and myself thoughtfully curates a cast of characters featuring NYC's luminaries: performers, artists, musicians,intellectuals, professionals, misfits and interesting people from all walks of life from all over the world. Every two months, I invite to my dinner table eight distinguished guests to take part in my experiments in food and fellowship. At my table, you can see how food has the power to open up even the most introverted among us.

To get updates for new clips and contents as they are continually being developed or if you'd like a seat at the table, drop me a love note