The Joy of Feasting
The Joy of Feasting
Dinner Isn't The Only Thing Being Served

Lovers Brunch @ Mad Tropical


Mad Tropical, the wonderful hot-spot in the heart of Brooklyn’s “it” neighborhood of Bushwick, will start serving a very special (and much-needed!) “Lovers Brunch”, starting this February 2019. This duo of creative chefs are given a platform to present their unique tropical twist on what can sometimes be a tired weekend tradition. 

 Chefs Miranti & Diavanna met and bonded over the cultural threads of their origins, the East & West Indies. Both had beloved grandmothers who were the keepers of ancient rites and traditions, and each has taken on the task of preserving what would otherwise be lost, including keeping a female touch in professional kitchens where male chefs usually dominate. 

 The Lovers Brunch pays homage to the weekend lovers in all of us. No matter how good or bad your tryst, you will definitely find satisfaction here. Wake up from your 2 pm slumber with your Tindr date and roll over to get a cup of spiked coffee and Pandan French Toast, or follow-up your one-nighter with a twist on the classic Grilled Cheese and a hit of Granny's Sambal on homemade sourdough bread. If you’re feeling the need for pampering there’s Eggs Beneduck, a definite upgrade from traditional eggs benedict. For vegetarians and vegans there is Kuku Sabzi and Coco Yoghurt  Tropical Granola, and select entrees will have gluten free options. 

 The food menu will be complimented by a variety of house signature cocktails and unique non-alcoholic beverages from the bar.